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Event Fence
The ideal temporary fencing! Perfect for crowd control, horse shows, or use it around the barn. Use it as a holding pen against your trailer, or easily and quickly set up square pens and even large round pens.

This two rail traditional ranch style elegant fence can be set up in a snap. The portable bases can be filled with sand or water, which anchors the post in windy conditions. Fill the base, insert the post, top off the cap, hook in the rails and your walkway or pen is ready to go. Easy to take down and store away or load into the trailer for the next stop. With unlimited uses, choose your configuration by designating how many corner post, end post and line posts you need to complete your layout. Starting with 32 running feet you can add additional fencing in 8 foot increments. Below we have pre-designed pens available or custom make your own shape.

Running Fence
List Price: $800.00
Our price: $779.00
Additional Section of Running Fence
List Price: $145.00
Our price: $139.00
Three Sided Pen - 8x16
List Price: $800.00
Our price: $769.00
Closed Pen - 8x16
List Price: $1,099.00
Our price: $1,000.00
Square Pen - 16x16
List Price: $1,399.00
Our price: $1,350.00
Round Pen  - 50ft Diameter
List Price: $2,399.00
Our price: $2,300.00
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